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Shea Butter

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I would like to introduce a high-quality shea butter from Ghana to you, which I believe would fit well into your product range.

My name is Lena Marshall, the Executive Director of SheaCaribbean.

SheaCaribbean is a company set up to help women in low- and middle-income countries to make their lives better. We run projects targeted at women entrepreneurs so that they can contribute to their economies and have a stronger voice in their societies.

Through the Lena Marshall Foundation we have partnered with women cooperatives who are shea producers in the Northern Region of Ghana to market and export their shea butter, black soap, baobab oil and other products.

Shea does so much more than nourish the consumers that use it. Shea helps the communities of its place of origin thrive. These communities rely on the shea industry for their livelihoods. Cooperative groups primarily comprised of and led by women do most of the shea nut collection and represent an integral part of the shea supply chain. This in turn strengthens the position of these women, empowering them to transform their own lives, the lives of their children, families, and their entire communities.

We are committed to positively impact the livelihoods and communities of shea collecting women and in turn, create value to the countries and communities where shea originates from - ultimately transforming lives and securing livelihoods for the generations to come.

As I am a passionate shea butter user myself, hence decided to bring this wonderful product directly from its country of origin in Ghana to the Caribbean.

Going the extra mile to achieve ethical sourcing through our Shea Caribbean Hub based on the island of Grenada.

“In the second quarter of 2020, TEBITAABA got in contact with the Lena Marshall Foundation, United Kingdom, which also works for the course of women and girls’ empowerment across the globe and are exploring opportunities to accessing the international market for the organic shea butter produced by TEBITAABA women.

TEBITAABA is optimistic that, an eventual partnership with Lena Marshall foundation and other organisations working for women and girls to have dignified lives will go a long way impact positively women of TEBITAABA, their families, communities, and the region.”

Mrs Gertrude Grumah-Gomnah


Why not request samples before purchasing in bulk?

Funds from purchasing our samples are going towards purchasing Shea rollers to increase yield, limit collection time and prevent collectors from snake, scorpion bites and physical strain. When using shea rollers, the shea collectors collect 3 times more shea bags and their income increases by 300-400%.

TEBITAABA wish for an opportunity to sell their products to an international market.

Our Producers are Verified by ECOCERT:

Samples are available

*** Postage/shipping is based on the total weight and is paid for by the buyer. Posting/Shipping currently from the UK***

7oz. Container sample size

If sustainable sourcing is part of your company policy - our Unrefined Shea butter would be a perfect fit. I look very much forward to receiving an expression of interest or any questions you may have.

Stay Strong, Healthy and Positive


Lena Marshall (CEO)


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