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Board Members - Liberia

Mrs Charlesetta Williams

Mrs Lucy J Bondo

Mrs Victoria Rennie

Board Members - Grenada


Mrs. Christine Nelles Managing Partner - Le Phare Bleu (Marina Resort- Grenada)
Once upon a time hospitality professionals Christine and Devin met working in an old historic railway hotel in Canada, The Fort Garry Hotel. Beginning first as colleagues & friends then flourishing into husband and wife. They married in Hawaii where the dream of island life was born. After getting back to Canada in the dead of winter (-35 Celsius…true story!) they sold their house, car and put some items into storage and left for the Caribbean with no set plans other than to take their hospitality skills with them (sizzled as some would say). Grenada was the first stop in 2004 as they had some family to stay and visit with. Shortly thereafter they met Wendy and Bernardo (the owners of Laluna and one thing quickly led to another, and they began a journey managing their first Caribbean boutique hotel.


Mrs Jennifer Robertson (Chartered Banker) – Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd

“I am a passionate advocate for and a supporter of community and philanthropy. My passion also includes coaching, mentoring, and teaching young and aspiring professionals. People with a particular interest for women is pivotal to me as men and women continue to face challenges in obtaining equity and in maintaining holistic balance while aspiring to greater personal and professional achievements.”

Ms. Uselyn Deary – Registered Nurse

“I have worked as a RN since 1985. During my nursing career I have worked in Critical Care, Oncology, Administration, Education, and general medicine. I served as Adjunct Faculty for several nursing programs in Houston. Currently working in Cardiovascular Critical Care as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. I started early in life as a single mother of 4 and have worked my way to earn 2 master’s degrees. I enjoy teaching the new generation of graduate nurses and will continue in this field that I love until I am physically unable to do so. I currently live in Texas and love to travel. One of my long-time goals has been to mentor young women professionally and personally as I know what the struggle has been.”

Dr Dianne Charles

Ms. Anna Richards – Therapist, Asian Spa, located at Le Phare Bleu in Egmont, Grenada

LMF Youth Ambassador

Euphemia is an emerging leader, volunteer, and women rights activist whose activities are mainly focused on Gender Equality and youth empowerment.

Euphemia Reeves.jpg

“Educated women and girls acquired knowledge to impact the next generation, promote development and champion quality education and youth empowerment and development.” Euphemia F. Reeves

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