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Sharing my trip with you. - A positive mindset is an asset

It has been a long summer and hope you had an opportunity to enjoy some of the sunshine. The highlight of mine was my trip to the lovely island of Grenada for LMF All Girls Symposium.

Great meeting the young girls and having a conversation about their dreams and aspirations. These young minds were not any different from any other girl growing up in Europe, USA or Africa. Challenges are everywhere and with their positive mindset they are ready to face the hurdles coming their way.

Mrs Margaret Joseph- "You have a voice, Empower yourself."

I am inspired by these girls.

Let’s make someone’s life better. Thanks to our sponsors for their support. Much appreciation to my guest speakers Mrs. Margaret Joseph, Ms Florina Thomas and Dr Dianne Charles for their words of wisdom and encouragement to the girls. Anna Richards - can't thank you enough for being my right hand person in Grenada.

Look out for my next blog introducing our Board members for Lena Marshall Foundation - Grenada. Exciting times ahead.

Your voice is one of your greatest assets.

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