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Lena's Trip to Liberia, West Africa - Empowering women in Food Safety

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

I visited Liberia to launch a project to empower Liberian women from a low-income background.

This is a twelve (12) months program which will be a life-changing event. They will discover how to break through their limitations, create more wealth & opportunities.

Today most women dream of either getting a better job or starting, growing their own business so they can earn more money, have more freedom and do more of what they want to do and less of what they don't want to do.

The problem: most women struggle to ever make this an actual reality because they become overloaded, overwhelmed and unsure of the right path to take because they lack the right skills, training, education, time and money to start the process off.

Without the right training or guidance in place even when they make the transition it can be very difficult due to the competition and oversaturation in the market today.


1. In this life-changing program, they will discover how to break through their limitations, create more wealth and more time so they can do what they want to do.

2. They will discover a clear and easy to follow step by step system and structure that will allow them to increase their earning potential.

3. They will discover practical easy to apply modern mind techniques to beat procrastination, so they can make clear decisions and have bulletproof confidence, enabling them to be crystal clear on what they want, how they will get there and a focus to continually drive themselves forward, achieve massive results in all areas of their life, career and business.

4. They will walk away from the program feeling very confident with a clear structure on how to start, build and grow their business in today's market to create more stability in their life whilst creating fulfilment, passion, allowing them to create a future where they choose to do what they want, when they want, so they can live life on your own terms.

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