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Drop-in Centres – To support our women and girls.

 Drop-in centre offering:

 Tea / Coffee mornings

 English and numeracy class

 Basic computer skills class

 Exercise and keeping fit class

 Luncheon club

 Workshops – social issues

 Educational Promoters School Liberia, West Africa

 Reading room for this school.

   Women Entrepreneur Program

   We are fully registered in Liberia and is accredited to run our program by the Environmental Protection  Agency – Liberia (EPA).

 Elizabeth Sele-Mulbah Institute (ESEMI)

  ESEMI - need to set up a science lab covering Biology, Physics and Chemistry to prepare the students for the West   African Senior High School Certificate. We are looking for partners who can support this project.

  Reading room to be donated through the kind support of Madam Sarah Güsten-Marr.​

  Educational Trips

School Trips - educating the children on the practical History and Culture of Liberia.

Our core mission is to get the students out of the school environment and to open their minds to the world in which they live. The experience gained from such a program would enlighten the students minds and will give them  the hope that there’s more to their country Liberia beyond the slum communities in which they live.

 LMF Girls Program

 Lena Marshall Foundation (LMF) Girls Program


This program is for teenage girls up to the age of 17 years. They would meet twice per month, take part in     workshops to discuss issues such as:



The promotion of HIV and AIDS Awareness

Emotional /Psychological Health

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

They would be given Vocational training to give them basic skills to help them in the future.

         Opportunities would be given to participate in educational trips.


Our core mission is to get the girls out of their school environment and to expand their minds to the world in which they live. The experience gained from such a program would enlighten their minds and will provide them the hope that there’s more to life and they too can form a solution to the many issues they face.


Through this program they would also experience a culture crossing trip to Ghana which would take them on another educational journey. We are going to select at least one girl from the 15 counties to participate.


This gives them an opportunity to visit and experience the culture of another African country. The objective of this trip is to open their eyes to the world out there. For many of them it would be their first time getting on a plane and experiencing a new country.