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Drop in Centres – To support our women and girls.


 Drop-in centre offering:

 Tea / Coffee mornings

 English and numeracy class

 Basic computer skills class

 Exercise and keeping fit class

 Luncheon club

 Workshops – social issues


Educational Promoters School Liberia, West Africa


Reading room for this school.


Women Entrepreneur Program


We are fully registered in Liberia and is accredited to run our program by the Environmental

Protection Agency – Liberia (EPA).


The project is targeted to women entrepreneurs in the catering/hospitality industry from very low-

income background. These women are street food sellers and run catering services serving and selling food for the public consumption.

In most cases these women are cooking from within makeshift structures in an unhygienic

environment. In addition to the training they will have access to our Women in Business Mentoring Service for up to 12 months which consists of the below:

· Continued Access to advice on Food safety

· We will secure a cooking space within a building for the women. A place to cook hygienically

(communal Kitchen space) away from the elements of the weather.

· Customer Service Training

· Banking and Finance (access to small loans for the improvement of their business - to

help them graduate from a communal space into their own business space.

• Basic Computer Training


Elizabeth Sele-Mulbah Institute (ESEMI)


ESEMI - need to set up a science lab covering Biology, Physics and Chemistry to prepare the students for the West African Senior High School Certificate. We are looking for partners who can support this project.


 Reading room to be donated through the kind support of Gallery GM - Madam Sarah Güsten-Marr


LMF Girls Program


This is a 6 months program for girls between the ages of 13 yrs -17 yrs. They meet twice per month, take part in workshops and educational trips.